Del A. Maticic, Managing Director

Currently a PhD student in Classics NYU, Del studies the poetry and imaginary worlds in antiquity. He has worked in young adult leadership development and led courses on spiritual practices and Epicurean philosophy at his home UU congregation in Columbia, South Carolina…




Lindsay D. Frankel, Communications Director

Lindsay is a writer and editor with a bachelor’s degree in education and a background in film studies. She lives in Chicago, IL and is an active member of the Unitarian Church of Evanston.




mattMatt Weinstein, Board President

Matt is a graduate student at Harvard Divinity School where he explores the furthest reaches of human possibility in search of an indefatigable sense of well-being.




p1000508Diana Smith, Member-at-Large

Diana offers her experience and expertise in organizational development to help Faith Architects find nuanced ways to respond to the unique and changing landscapes. Her home base is Victoria, BC, where she is inspired by the beauty of the west coast and loving relationships with family and friends.



fb_img_1483895939908Brian Rinehart, Member-at-Large

Brian is a recent graduate of the university of Rochester with degrees in environmental studies and linguistics. Currently awaiting grad school admission, he spends his time dancing and exploring ethics through the lens of Jewish mysticism.



img_1100Nell Krahnke, Member-at-Large

Nell is a a senior anthropology major at the College of Wooster. Her lifelong journey as a Unitarian Universalist began when she was five years old.




Zackrie Vinczen, Member-at-Large

Elizabeth Valencia, Member-at-Large