What Is The Scaffold Series?

The Scaffold Series equips young adults with the skills to create and bolster healthy Young Adult communities. Through the familiar format of conferences, the Scaffold Series deploys skills in three areas: Community Building, Social Justice, and Worship. The three tracks can run concurrently in a single conference or a conference can focus on just one of the three.

Each of those tracks consists of three sessions:
Filling the Toolkit takes a look at what works for Young Adults and explores why it works.
Making a Blueprint bridges what works for Young Adults to what is being done in the wider faith.
Laying the Foundations allows you and your peers to implement your new skills.

We provide the curriculum for each track and then our partners-in-faith create a conference or event around the curriculum.

UU Young Adults of Oakland; affiliated with First Unitarian Church of Oakland. (Annie Gonzalez Milliken, 2014.)

UU Young Adults of Oakland; affiliated with
First Unitarian Church of Oakland.
(Drew Patterson, 2014.)

What Will I Learn?

  • What brings a community together? How do we create and curate communities for Unitarian Universalist Young Adults?

    In this track, you will:

    • explore your identify as a Unitarian Universalist
    • seek your role in our wider faith
    • learn key techniques to building healthy communities
    • vision ways to bring those techniques to multi-generational spaces
  • How are spiritual people called to social action? Does social justice look different to Young Adults and older adults?

    In this track, you will:

    • reflect on the roles of Unitarian Universalist Young Adults in social justice
    • examine ways to connect just work across generations
    • strengthen current community justice ties through team building exercises
  • What is worship and why do we do it? How can we bridge youth and Young Adult worship values to congregational worship styles?

    In this track, you will:

    • refine your understanding of the what, why, and how of worship
    • explore the gifts and goals of worship
    • experience and practice worships
    • create an integrated worship that is accessible to Young Adult and congregational audiences