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ConCentric 2014: A Summary

By Faith Architects
In November 30, 2014

Big thanks to everyone who joined us for ConCentric 2014! Your dedication and voting powers helped us reach a number of important decisions.

So, what happened?

The Resolution on the transition of C*UUYAN to Faith Architects passed. This means that C*UUYAN will officially continue its transition to Faith Architects, and we will soon be working to create the first full board in January. Stay tuned for ways to apply and volunteer.

The Resolution on the Future of Opus also passed, which creates a separate organization and financial structure just for the Opus conference, but entrusts Faith Architects with Opus’ safekeeping until it can be fully established.

The Resolution to charter CUUYAN, Faith Architects, and Opus as self supporting, independent Organisations did not pass.

You can see all of the resolutions, as well as the notes from the meeting, here.


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