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  1. I am exploring potential in Boston for collaborative hosting between a local University and a local congregation. I’m thrilled to see this initiative out of C*UUYAN towards infusing all our UU life, within and beyond congregations, with wisdom and worship from youth and YA communities. I am in campus ministry and look forward to more interconnections. Let me know how else I can support your work through my work, knowing I have no dollars to share at this time. 🙂 I give thanks for your dedication.

  2. I have looked through this web site and have found lots of process but have found no content.

    • Hi Peter,
      Thank you for your comment. My apologies for approving and replying to it so late. You are absolutely right. Right now, Faith Architects is all process and no content. The recently elected board is taking a big step back to assess who we are as an organization and to do some work to find out what young adults in our faith are thirsting for. We’ll be sharing some information on that soon.
      Ruth Hinkle

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