We are the Architects of our Faith, building the religion of our dreams.

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What's happening at Faith Architects?

  • Incorporation Certificate

    We Exist!

    It’s official, folks. Faith Architects is a registered non-profit. Getting our very own non-profit up and running is a little like moving into a new apartment. We’ve signed the lease, so the paperwork is done and we’re committed. But that doesn’t mean we’re ready to host a housewarming party....
  • Russian Brown Bear

    Hibernation is Over

    Hello friends, Since recruiting new board members at the end of last summer, Faith Architects has been publicly quiet. We know that many of you care about Faith Architects and are excited to see what happens. During our public hibernation, we hunkered down to focus on becoming a non-profit...

Our Purpose

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To support emerging Young Adults seeking a place in our faith by helping them foster community...

Our Story

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Faith Architect grew out of C*UUYAN, the Continental UU Young Adult Network...

The Scaffold Series

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Workshops & conferences that equip Young Adults with tools to flourish…

Funded through Faithify!Thank you for helping us reach our campaign goal on Faithify! Forty-two generous funders raised $3,108 to help pay for Faith Architects staffing and scholarships for future Scaffold Series events.